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November 20, 2012
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Denmark x Reader
Mathias Declassified School Survival Guide

In a high school full of bullies, insane teachers, and gross school lunches, Mathias Kohler (that's me) and my two best friends, Alfred Jones and ______ ______ try to do the impossible—create a guide that will help you through high school:  Mathias' Declassified School Survival Guide…your results may vary.

Today's Tip: CRUSHES

"Hey ______!" Mathias beamed as soon as he saw you and Alfred walk up.  You two had just finished a huge test in Economics and to be honest, were quite worn out.  

"Hey Mat." You practically sighed.  Mathias quirked an eyebrow to your distasteful greeting and asked, "What's with the bland 'hello'?"

"Dude, we just took a super hard test…and it's ONLY first period." Alfred whined.  You grunted in agreement as the three of you began to walk to your lockers. (Which were conveniently placed next to each other.)

Mathias, still worried, waited for you and Alfred to finish up with complaining about their test and soon, Alfred left to his next class, leaving both you and him alone.  

-If she seems a bit off, never be afraid to ask how she REALLY is.  You never know if it's a cover-up or not.-

"Hey ______?"  You looked up at the Dane next to you and smiled weakly.

"Yeah Mat?" you answered softly.  Mathias set his back on his locker, his hands were nestled in his jean pockets and he looked over at you.  

"Listen, I've known you since grade school…what's going on?  You know you can tell me?" he said in a low tone, making sure not to draw attention.  

You looked back into your locker, grabbing a few books and answered, "Just…thinking."


-Be calmly persistent if she avoids, but not in an annoying way.-

"Stuff." You whispered.  Mathias didn't like the sound of that at all.  He knew you better than anyone and if you were down, to be honest, you weren't fun.  

Mathias sighed.  After you shut your locker you looked up at Mathias and smiled, covering up whatever pain you were going through and said, "Well, I have a paper due next period.  Ms. Stubner will kill me if I'm not on time." You added a small but fake laugh, trying to lift the mood a little.  Mathias' lips twitched into a small smile and he nudged you a little saying, "Hey, I bet she'll love it, late or not.  I'll see you at lunch?"

"I think I have some extra credit I want to turn in during lunch…" you said.  Mathias shrugged and pouted a little, but you gave him a brief smile and walked off.  

After you were out of the premises, Mathias threw his hands in the air and groaned, running his fingers through his hair.  He turned around to find Gilbert, Toni, and Francis hanging up the "Homecoming Dance" sign.  

-If you have no idea's for a date, look for them!  You'd be surprised at what might pop up.-

Suddenly an idea sparked and Mathias had found out the perfect way to cheer you up.  

"I'll ask her to the dance!" he cheered to himself and running off to class, earning him a few strange looks from the students and teachers.  


"It's perfect Alfred!  But…what if she doesn't like me?" Mathias asked hesitantly.  Alfred shrugged, taking a large gulp of his soda.  

"Dude, just ask her?  What's the worst that'll happen?  She's your best friend, why wouldn't she want to go to the dance with you?"

-That's true—if you're worried about asking a girl out, remember this: the worst thing she can say is no.-

"I don't know Al.  I guess it doesn't hurt to try, huh?"

"Nope!  I already have my full proof plan to ask out Alice![1]" Alfred beamed.

[1] Alice, I would presume, is fem!England.

Mathias chuckled as he watched Al get up from his seat and pull out a bouquet of roses.  Alice sits with the "cool kids" and Alfred has liked her since day one.  

- Sometimes they're way out of your league, but try anyways!-

Alfred approached Alice, who surprisingly had her hair down today.  All of the cool kids looked up at Alfred making him slightly nervous, but he kept on to his plan.  

"Hey Alice, I was wondering if—"

"Sod off." She said dismissively.  


"No, I don't want to go to the dance with you." She said, standing up and walking away.  Alfred bowed his head in sadness.  Of course, as if on cue, the band kids began playing depressing classical music as Alfred walked back to the table Mathias was at.  

"You got any tips for rejection bro?" Alfred asked; his head firmly on the table.  

Mathias thought and smiled brightly, "Actually, I do."

-Don't get crushed by a crush.-

Alfred sighed and sat up, "I guess you're right…" he paused for a second and then looked at him with a mischievous smirk before exiting the lunch room, "You should probably take some of your own advice…"

"And what advice would that be?" a feminine voice cooed from behind the two blondes.  Mathias turned around to find you holding your tray of food.  His face grew slightly red and he scoot over for you answering, "Oh…nothing.  Just…stuff."

You chuckled as you picked at your peas.  

"Oh baby girl, you've got something big goin' on in your future!" the lunch lady said excitedly from behind you.  Startled, you turned around and asked, "W-what would that be?"

The lunch lady shrugged and answered, "I don't know?  It's in the peas!" and walked off.  Both you and Mathias looked at each other oddly before bursting into a fit of laughter.  

Once the laughter had died down, you sighed contently and said, "That's exactly what I needed."  Mathias looked over at you and narrowed his eyes, taking a bite of his beans he asked, "You know, you never told me what was up this morning (nickname)?"

You shrugged and answered, "I guess…I'm just a little confused."  Swallowing his food, Mathias pushed aside his tray and propped his head on his hand.  


"Boys…" you answered in a small voice.  Mathias' eyes widened and a faint pink dusted his cheeks.  

"Boys, huh?  Well, uh, why would they be bothering you?  Do I need to beat up some jerk?" he asked seriously.  You giggled and shook your head.

"No, it's just…I really like someone and I want to know if they like me back, I'm just a little scared, that, y'know, he won't like me back?"

Mathias felt his heart race as she said that.  


-If you like someone, just ask them out.-

You looked up at Mathias, a knot forming in your stomach as you asked, "But what if I'm already friends with them?"

Mathias was puzzled for a second, but then it clicked!  

"______?" Mathias asked, moving his face closer to yours and to his surprise, you didn't move.  

"Y-yeah." you said, getting lost in his deep, cerulean eyes.  Mathias, moving his face closer to yours, continued, "Would you go to—"


The bell had startled you both and the two of you were blushing like crazy.  

"Uh, I have to go…" you mumbled.  Mathias wanted to stop you but before he could say anything, you were gone.  


"This is it Al, I'm going to win her over!" Mathias said as the last bell was about to ring.  Thankfully, it was their study hall and Mathias had prepared the perfect plan to ask you out to the homecoming dance.  

-When asking a girl out to a dance, don't be afraid to go over the top.  Girls will just eat that up!-

"Alright… Gilbert, (the class prankster) are you sure that the announcement system is hooked up right?" Alfred asked, checking the wires.

Gilbert smirked triumphantly and answered, "You are talking to the awesome king of pranks.  Of course it's going to vork!"  

Alfred nodded, signaling Mathias to start the announcement.

"Good afternoon (high school)!  This is the one and only, Mathis Kohler bringing you the afternoon announcements.  Now, I don't know about you guys, but there's some sort of dance going on tonight… I believe it's the Homecoming dance, right?  Well, I've been trying to ask this b-e-a-utiful girl out to this dance, but it seems that every chance I get, I seem to mess up somehow.  So sorry to put you on the spotlight ______, but will you go to the dance with me?  I've liked you for a while now and it would be so amazing if you'd go with me!  Oh and bus 32 will be replaced by bus 106.  Have a great weekend you all!"

If there was a word for beyond embarrassment, that would be you right now.  Not only was every girl and boy staring at you as you walked to Mathias, but even the teachers were looking, anticipating your answer.

Beet red and a flustered mess, you looked up at Mathias who was smiling sheepishly and holding the bouquet, which Alfred had attempted to give Alice earlier, towards you.  

"So…whataya say?"

You sucked in a bunch of air and let it out coolly, "Mathias, you have been my best friend since grade school, you're obnoxious, you're stubborn, you have the goofiest smile, and you're such a dork…"

Mathias' heart dropped as he heard you're answer.

"But…you're the sweetest dork with the biggest heart I've ever met."  

"So is that a…"

"Yes you dummy!" you practically cried out.  Mathias smiled, throwing the flowers over his shoulder and enveloping you in a gigantic hug.  Your classmates and teacher "awed" and some clapped, some even hollered, "It's about time!"

The two of you laughed and Mathias grabbed your hand saying, "We can be dorks together."
This is an art trade for :iconerufufukuro:
It was a contest entry, but I guess I don't know what drabbles are... Oh well!

(Guys I watched the entire first season of Ned's Declassified on Netflix last night... nostalgic my friends. God, I miss that show so much!)

I do not own:
Denmark - Mathias APH
America - Alfred APH
Prussia - Gilbert APH
fem!England - Alice APH
Spain - Toni APH
France - Francis APH
Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide
or you ;p
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