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Philosophy of Love
Canada x Reader

It was a crisp fall day in the midst of November, granted it was nearing a brisk winter and most of the leaves from the trees had fallen completely off, he still admired the serene autumn aura that was present.  

He walked down the sidewalk of the small town, kicking the browning leaves away from his path as he headed towards the book shop.  The crunching of the dead leaves left a small chill run down his spine as listened to the delicate snap and crackle of the decaying plant life.  

As he unlocked the door to the small building and entered, he unraveled the scarf from around his neck and slipped off his ski hat, placing it behind the counter of the small store.  Usually the store was slow during days like these, not that he minded though, he loved the content silence as he would read one of the hundreds of books the store contained.  

Today seemed like a Shakespeare day for the blonde boy as he searched through rows of books until he found the book of his choice.  A Midsummer Night's Dream…a comedic twist to his average life, yet he seemed to not have such a problem with that though.  

Hours had flown by and the blonde boy had fallen into a deep trance with the practically ancient book.  Such wit and sarcasm had flowed so perfectly in the small book and to be quite frank, the blue eyed Canadian found it quite amusing.  

There was a distinct jingle that rang throughout the small shop, startling the man slightly.  He set his book down and cleared his throat, indicating that there was someone there.  

"Hi there!  Feel free to look around.  If you have any questions, you can ask me." He finished with a small smile.  That was when he realized the face of an angel.  She was (height) with gorgeous, (h/c) hair that framed her face perfectly.  She flashed him a sweet smile and an upmost adorable, confused look as she walked over and asked, "I'm looking for a book for my friend…"

The Canadian was in a trance, her (e/c) eyes sparkled and all he could do was stare at them.  The girl chuckled and waved her hand in front of the Canadian to grasp his attention.

"Hello?  Earth to—" she paused briefly to look at the name pallet on the desk before finishing, "Matthew Williams?  Can you hear me?"  Matthew was broken from his daze and he shook his head and a red blush made its way across his cheeks.  

"O-Oh, I'm so sorry!  I didn't mean to ignore you—I was just dozed off…yeah." he mumbled quietly.  The girl giggled and rested her rosy cheeks on her palm as she asked, "I'm looking for a specific kind of book."  

Matthew arched an eyebrow and asked, "Well we have many books here, what is it you're looking for?"

Her smile grew into a rather dark and mischievous grin when she answered, "A spell book.  It's for my friend's birthday next month.  I want to perfect the coolest spell for him and surprise him!  He's into all that magic stuff y'know?"

Matthew chuckled, "You still believe in spells?" as he walked from behind the desk, thus realizing how small she was compared to him.  He blushed slightly, but continued on through the store.  

She puffed her cheeks out in anger and pouted, "Yes!  Well…sort of.  Well, my friend still does and I think it'd be cool if I could cast a little spell or two?"  

"Well, you came to the right place." Matthew said with brief laughter before he led her into the far corner of the store; a rather dusty and older looking part of the store to be precise.

She gawked at the dusty books that lied perfectly still and untouched on the gigantic shelves, there were just too many to fathom.  

"Have you even read any of these?" you whispered more to yourself than him.  Matthew was currently on a small stepping ladder and pulled away to look at you for a moment, blowing some loose curls from his face as he answered, "No, not really.  The book collectors like them though.  Plus, I think it adds a little character, dontchya think?"

You narrowed your eyes, placing a finger on a shelf and sliding it, pulling it off to find a nice sheen of grey upon the pad of your finger.  You scrunched your face in disgust and mumbled, "Sure…"

After a while of searching, Matthew finally found an old spell book and wiped it off smiling.  

"Here we go!" he said as he handed the rather large book to you.  You grabbed it and brought it to the counter where he could ring it up for you.  

Before you left, Matthew gathered the courage to ask, "H-hey, I never got your name…"

You smiled genuinely and extended a palm towards him.  

"______.  ______ ______." You stated matter-of-factly.  Matthew blushed slightly, returning the gesture with a gentile hand shake and said, "That's a very pretty name." which in return made you blush.  

Before you exited the door you looked back at the lone, blonde, Canadian man and asked, "You don't seem very busy here do you?"

Matthew shook his head with a disappointed smile; you suddenly brightened up and beamed, "How about this?  I'll come over every day and we can work on this spell together?"

"Oh, I-I don't know ______...  I don't want to waste your time or anything—"

"Please?  First off, I'll be proving to you that magic is, in fact, real and second, you won't be so lonely.  I'll be over tomorrow at noon!" and with that, you exited the book store.  

Matthew was currently redder than any fruit you could imagine, but eventually, the reddened frown faded into a small smile, a smile that ached for someone to mend and comfort the lonely Canadian.  


Two weeks had passed and most of the spells you had attempted to cast had fizzled and sizzled into disappointment.  You pretty much sucked at casting spells just as much as your bushy-browed, English friend, if not, you were worse.  

"Crap!" you hollered as a series of small pops had erupted throughout the air.  Matthew attempted to suppress a small giggle as he watched you in a rather cute frustration.  You puffed your cheeks out and folded your arms as you watched one of your sheets of notes burn into a crisp.  

"How about we take a break?" you said, rubbing your temples.  Matthew nodded in agreement and switched the sign on the front door to "closed" as he locked up, grabbing his scarf and jacket in the process.  

"How about a café, I'm freezing and a coffee sounds great." You muttered quietly.  Matthew looked down in astonishment and then a faded pink dusted his cheeks and nose as he said, "You can have m-my jacket if you're that cold?"

Your cheeks grew a rosy hue and you smiled sweetly, taking the jacket gratefully and thanking him.  Matthew smiled back and the two of you were off to grab a bite to eat.  


"Alright, Mattie…I think I've got it!" you shouted happily as a green glow had emitted from the small chalk markings you traced on a sheet of black paper.  Matthews eyes widened in amazement as just as the spell would have it, a plate of raspberry scones had appeared in front of you.  They were even warm and soft.  

Your mouth was agape and soon formed into the biggest smile as you turned to Matthew and squealed in excitement.  Matthew, raised eyebrows and all, smiled back and said, "Alright, you won.  I guess magic is real."

In the rush of the moment, you ran over to the handsome Canadian and enveloped him into a warm embrace.  Matthew's face grew redder by the moment but then hugged back tightly, lifting you in the air slightly.  

"Matthew, his birthday's tomorrow!  Come with me please?  It'll be fun.  Arthur's girlfriend Amelia[1] will be there and do hope—"

([1] Amelia: I believe she is Fem!America)

"Did you say, Amelia?" Matthew interrupted.  You tilted your head to the side and furrowed your brows together in confusion, answering, "Yeah?  Amelia Jones."

Matthew smiled a bit and replied, "That was my childhood friend!"

You giggled and retorted, "Well, I hate to rain on your parade, but you two don't seem alike at all."

Matthew sighed and walked over behind the counter to pull out a framed picture of he and Amelia from grade school.  You chuckled and awed at the picture as Matthew said, "Well, I can see where you're coming from.  She is rather…loud."  You snorted to the comment.

"That's for sure." Matthew chuckled and put the picture away and leaned over the counter, folding his hands together and placing his chin on top.  He couldn't help but marvel you from behind the counter.  

Over the past month of getting to know you, he realized that you are in fact, beautiful on the inside and out.  Your laugh was extremely contagious and that smile…  It could brighten even the darkest of days.  Your hair was held back in a loose, messy bun and you were currently wearing some glasses.  But even then, in his mind, your beauty surpassed many others.  

"Hey ______?" Matthew asked as he fiddled with his thumbs.  You looked up from the tray of scones that you were wrapping for Arthur's birthday tomorrow.

"Yeah Mattie?"  Matthew blushed when you called him by his nickname, the way it escaped your lips was just too adorable.  

"I-I was wondering if you wanted…to go out to dinner with me sometime?  You know…as a date?"

Your eyes widened from the question and a look of utter shock had morphed into your features.  Taking this as a no, Matthew looked down in disappointment and muttered, "I mean, you don't have to if you don't want—"

"Of course." You said with a bright smile, interrupting the sweet Canadian.  It was Matthew's turn to look up in surprise but it quickly vanished with a wide smile and a tint of red upon his cheeks.  

"How about Friday?" you asked.  Matthew smiled sweetly and nodded.

"Friday sounds great."

"Oh, I need your number so I can give you Arthur's address for tomorrow.  I want you to come to the party with me.  It's really just a small get together, but I don't want you to miss out on these babies!" you said pulling the raspberry scones into view.  

After an exchange of numbers, you stood on your tippy toes and kissed Matthew's cheek, swiftly darting out of the book store, leaving him a flustered mess with a goofy smile.
Okay, so I know you asked for a lemon... but I HAD to separate it into two parts! The next part will be out after the next chapter of my Coyboy!America story!

This is loosely based off of the book A Midsummer Night's Dream but you won't realize it until the next part~

IF you are unfamiliar with the beautiful piece of literature by Shakespeare, then here is a picture of the Nordics that pretty much explains the entire plot: [link]

This is a prize from my contest on my other profile for :iconxxsolariaxx: [by the way, she just had a pair of beautiful twins! Keep her in your prayers!] :heart:

I do not own:
Canada - Matthew
England - Arthur
Fem!America - Amelia
or you
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